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La Vigne à l’Olivier à La Ciotat

We went to meet Luigi, director of the restaurant De la Vigne à l'Olivier in La Ciotat. A true empire of tasting, this atypical place is also known for its grocery shop and its wine cellar.

In 2019, Luigi called on the services of BIOSSUN to fit out his terrace with a BIO 230 pergola. He immediately saw two real advantages.

Creating an exterior with atypical architecture

On the terrace, which has been laid out in a spirit of travel, relaxation and good humour, you can make the most of every moment. With the boats of the old port in sight, Luigi chose to invest in the BIO 230 double-bay pergola, which is at the helm of this atypical place and makes it a point of honour to pass on his taste for cooking and quality products, as well as his taste for a decoration that marks his territory.
The setting up of this outdoor installation was an opportunity to create a bar, to put up a carefully chosen decoration, all in such a way as to highlight the personality of the restaurant. The pergola was accessorised with LED lighting for an even warmer atmosphere.

This anthracite grey BIO 230 pergola, detached from the building that Luigi considers to be "the pyramid in the middle of La Ciotat", is a mixture of traditional and contemporary, with a friendly spirit.

A wide range of materials, colours and options make each BIOSSUN pergola unique with a modern or classic design. The restaurant owner is free to make it a privileged space, in the image of his establishment, with the furnishings and decoration of his choice.

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Use your terrace all year round

Luigi wanted to meet his customers' expectations by providing them with optimal comfort and well-being on the terrace at any time of the year. It was important to him that his customers could "continue to enjoy the terrace during less favourable periods, particularly in autumn and winter".
So how do you offer your guests the same comfort outside as inside in all seasons?
The BIO230 pergola won Luigi over. Clad in sliding glass, it is a real asset for any café, hotel, brasserie or restaurant. By creating a real additional surface, catering professionals are guaranteed to have as many covers or to welcome additional customers. And therefore an increase in turnover!

BIOSSUN innovates with models that allow the pergola to be uncovered or partitioned off in its entirety. This makes it easy to use the terrace at any time of the year. Once the aluminium slats are closed, the BIOSSUN pergola is completely waterproof. Guests are protected from the weather as well as from the heat. The comfort is maximum. No need to worry about the vagaries of the weather. All outdoor services can be provided with ease