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Feedback: Installation of pergolas for the renovation of a waterfront

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La Grande Motte

Situated on the shores of the Big Blue, this French town combines the status of a seaside resort with that of a marina. Welcoming no less than 120,000 tourists a year, the town wanted to give its seafront a new image with the installation of pergolas. We went to meet the first deputy mayor, Isabelle Bergé, who tells us more about this renovation project entrusted to Biossun.

La Grande Motte waterfront renovation project

The commune of La Grande Motte had the idea of transforming the seafront, whose "identity" dated back to its origin. The Covid-19 period proved to be favourable to the realisation of the project. Now renovated and named La Promenade Jacques Chirac, this friendly place has a completely different look. The aim of the renovation was to standardise and upgrade the promenade, which is so popular with the people of Grand-Mott and tourists alike. The choice to install bioclimatic pergolas to renovate the waterfront was a natural one.
Biossun, which was responsible for this large-scale project, had only three months to install the 52 bays.

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The bioclimatic pergola: an aesthetic and ecological choice

The architect involved in the project tells us why he chose the bioclimatic pergola:

- Aesthetics are of paramount importance in such a project. The Pergola Bio 230 model, selected for this renovation, met our expectations perfectly: a design adapted to the architecture of La Grande Motte thanks to the clean lines of the pergola, the Biossun signature. The pergola was perfectly integrated into a particular environment where contemporary buildings, seaside infrastructures, fine sand and the Mediterranean Sea are all combined.

- The intrinsic qualities of the bioclimatic pergola left no room for hesitation. The natural ventilation of this model makes it possible to eliminate air-conditioning, a real visual nuisance that consumes energy. The energy challenge has been met, without question.

The many advantages of the Biossun bioclimatic pergola made the renovation of the seafront a success:
- natural ventilation thanks to the motorised adjustable slats
- exceptional luminosity with perfect control of the light;
- perfect harmony with the environment;
- daily comfort: blinds, spotlighting and white LED tubes, large windows.

Biossun's expertise was once again evident in the challenges the team met: the installation of 52 windows, some of which were trapezoidal, in a timeframe of only three months.

A real success in the eyes of all

All the outdoor spaces, the terraces and the large glass façades of the shops are highlighted and provide undeniable additional comfort for both the occupants and visitors.
Shopkeepers, ice-cream parlours and restaurant owners testify to this general satisfaction. They are delighted to see that working conditions and customer reception have been simplified and made more pleasant. Significant comfort and well-being on a daily basis.
With better protection from the wind and sun, professionals and customers alike can take full advantage of the premises, which have become more pleasant to live in.
With natural ventilation and control of the sun's rays, customers even choose to sit inside rather than outside.

The installation of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas for the renovation of the seafront in La Grande Motte ? A successful project thanks to the choice of quality, comfort and design, not to mention the expertise of the Biossun team.
A real success with shopkeepers, Grand Motte residents and tourists alike!

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