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Should your bioclimatic pergola be insured?

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Should your bioclimatic pergola be insured?

The installation of a bioclimatic pergola is an important moment for both individuals and professionals. There are many things to consider, including insurance.

Insurance for your home or business is compulsory but does not necessarily cover outdoor installations.

What is an outdoor installation? Which insurance should I choose? We answer all your questions in this article.

Should you insure your bioclimatic pergola?

Today, it is not a legal obligation to insure your bioclimatic pergola, but it is in your interest to insure it in order to be covered for any damage it may suffer over time: you can be covered for theft or damage as well, just like your home.

Note: If you have a bioclimatic pergola with a glass enclosure, you can ask for an option for glass breakage.

Please note that it is important that your bioclimatic pergola is well secured and in good condition in order to receive compensation in the event of a problem. To find out how to take care of your installation, don't hesitate to ask our installers.

All about home insurance for outdoor installations

A standard home insurance policy usually applies to the dwelling alone and therefore excludes outdoor elements. However, some insurances do include the outside fittings in their contract (don't hesitate to ask your insurer what this means for you).

Depending on the value of the equipment you own, you may think it would be better to take out insurance to cover it in the event of a claim. It is important to know that swimming pools, gardens, terraces and courtyards need special protection.

Which insurance should I choose for a bioclimatic pergola?

The insurance of your bioclimatic pergola will depend on whether it is set up as a lean-to or freestanding structure.
For a pergola attached to your house or flat, it will be insured with your home insurance, supplementing it with additional coverage.
For a self-supporting pergola, you can take out a garden insurance policy that is separate from your home insurance by requesting an extension of cover for your bioclimatic pergola.
A final solution is available to insure your installation: taking out a dedicated insurance policy specifically for bioclimatic pergolas.

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Restoration and terrace insurance

A terrace is a real asset for a restaurant, a bar or a hotel and even more so when it is sheltered by a bioclimatic pergola which allows you to control the sunshine as well as the heat while being able to make energy savings.
As a professional who welcomes the public, you have an obligation to take out specialist insurance. Just like home insurance, outdoor elements are not automatically included in the insurance policy, but it is still mandatory. In order to have protection for this new installation, you must request an extension of cover from your insurance company. Would you like to know more about bioclimatic pergolas? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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