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Spring is here: enjoy the warm weather with your bioclimatic pergola!

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Spring is here: enjoy the warm weather with your bioclimatic pergola!

First rays of sunshine, first heat, first lunch outside. The spring season is gradually taking hold... It's time to think about setting up your outdoor space or terrace. Lazing around with the family, gourmet meals or aperitifs with friends can already be on the agenda, nothing better to chase away the winter chill!

Enjoying the pergola at the first rays of the sun

Who hasn't dreamed of a living space that allows you to enjoy your terrace in the spring as well as throughout the year? When the weather is fine, the bioclimatic pergola allows you to benefit from the sunshine while ensuring sufficient protection against bad weather or sleet. Biossun has designed this ideal outdoor installation for you. With the play of light and shade, you are free to create the atmosphere you have been dreaming of:
- When the slats are opened to the maximum, you can enjoy the morning sun at breakfast,
- An unexpected shower during a Sunday brunch? The slats of your pergola will close automatically thanks to the rain sensor and your guests will be able to continue enjoying the outdoors,
- Fancy an impromptu nap on the terrace? Lateral protections can be considered to protect from the spring breeze. At any time of the day, softness and well-being are guaranteed.

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Why choose bioclimatic terrace design?

Combining aesthetics and comfort to perfection, bioclimatic architecture gives a new perspective to your exterior. A real living space which, depending on your environment, can open up your house onto its terrace, house a spa in an evolving manner or offer a haven of peace in the heart of your garden. With its "S" shaped adjustable slats, the Biossun bioclimatic pergola naturally regulates the temperature of your terrace and your house, and protects you from the sun as well as the rain. Available in several sizes, it can be adapted to your terrace according to your wishes. Everything is in place to enable you to enjoy your outdoor living space for longer, a source of shared pleasure.