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Technical study of your pergola project

Technical study

To meet your expectations, Biossun studies the feasibility of your future pergola project. A certified professional will come to your home to provide you with a personalised service. He or she will analyse your plot in terms of the dimensions you want, the specific features of your project and the work required. He'll advise you on all the factors you need to take into account when building your made-to-measure pergola.

Would you like to install a pergola on a roof terrace without drilling into the ground? Our partner will be happy to show you our ballasted planter. This innovative fixing system ensures the stability of your aluminium pergola. The planter attaches to the posts of the structure and is weighted down with sand, flagstone or gravel.

After taking measurements, assessing the existing structure and your masonry, electrical and drainage requirements, our approved pergola distributor will give you the best recommendations to guide you in choosing your pergola, from the standard or made-to-measure range, to design the bioclimatic terrace that will fit in perfectly with your home.

The other steps in installing your pergola

Complete diagnosis

Biossun puts its expertise at your disposal to provide you with a personalised pergola estimate. Our teams, certified in France, will create a new file based on your expectations and wishes. And they'll give you an estimate of the investment needed to build a pergola.
Our advisers will also tell you which model is best suited to the technical constraints of your home. And they'll take into account your requirements for additional accessories such as blinds, sliding glass or lighting.
Installing your pergola
Whatever the type of pergola, freestanding or wall-mounted, installation is subject to town planning regulations. These are set out in the Local Town Planning Plan (PLU). You can obtain this information from your local town hall. It is essential to comply with these rules to avoid any penalties or disputes later on.
Planning permission is not required for bioclimatic pergolas up to 5 m². Above this size, the procedure is different:
For a surface area of between 5 m² and 20 m²: you need to submit a preliminary works declaration to the local council.
For a surface area of more than 20 m²: you need to apply to your local council for planning permission.

Receiving your pergola

When we receive your aluminium pergola, our approved installer will come to your home to install it on the date you have chosen. The estimated time taken to build your bioclimatic pergola is 48 hours. This includes preparation and assembly of the structure, all the electrical connections and installation of the adjustable slats. Our qualified team ensures that each stage is carried out with precision and professionalism.