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Terraces: How to install a pergola on the ground without drilling?

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Terraces: How to install a pergola on the ground without drilling?

The hot weather has arrived! You want to be able to use your terrace at any time of the day without worrying about the heat or the sun, and to do this you are going to purchase a bioclimatic pergola.

The installation of a bioclimatic pergola is a project with many elements to keep in mind so that everything is as desired. After choosing the size, the accessories associated with your pergola... It is important to think about how it will be fixed to the ground.

Do you want to fix your bioclimatic pergola without drilling into the ground? We have the solution for you. We explain everything in this article!

Why fix a bioclimatic pergola to the ground?

Installing a bioclimatic pergola is an investment designed to increase the use of a terrace by creating additional space for a house. In summer and winter alike, you can enjoy your bioclimatic pergola with its removable slats or by adding a closing system.
You should be aware that a bioclimatic pergola has a very high wind load. Despite its weight, it is essential to secure the pergola to the ground to avoid any problems with balance during bad weather. Fixing is a simple solution that offers the greatest stability, thanks to ideal support for the structure's pillars.
On the other hand, there are a variety of fixing systems to suit all types of ground and all tastes.

Installing a freestanding pergola on the ground
A freestanding pergola, also known as a self-supporting pergola, stands out for its versatility. Built with at least 4 supporting posts, it can be placed wherever you like in your garden or around your swimming pool.
A soil survey is the first step in any future pergola project. We recommend that you place your pergola on a surface that is sufficiently hard and level. A solid base ensures the long-term stability of the pergola. There are several fixing techniques available:
Concrete anchoring

If you're installing a pergola on loose ground, such as gravel or lawn, you'll need to embed the feet in concrete.
A plate to screw into the ground

Building a made-to-measure pergola on hard ground means drilling holes to screw in base plates. This metal part fits into the post and holds it in place.
Installing a ground-mounted pergola
A lean-to pergola, also known as a wall-mounted pergola, is installed on the front of the house. It has just two posts, which are fixed in the same way as a freestanding pergola.
The wall-mounted part of the structure requires a fixing beam. To install it, holes need to be drilled in the wall using a concrete drill bit.
The fact that no masonry work is required for a lean-to pergola means that installation time is reduced. That's why its average price is often lower than that of an island pergola.

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The Biossun solution for fixing a bioclimatic pergola

For several reasons, you don't want to drill into your floor to fix your pergola? At Biossun, we try to find solutions to all your requests so that you have an experience with your bioclimatic pergola that meets your expectations.
With this in mind, we have found a solution so that you can install a bioclimatic pergola in your garden or terrace without the need to drill.

Our fixing system is based on ballast boxes, which are fixed to the posts of the structure and which make it possible to free yourself from all the technical constraints linked to fixing by drilling. Sand, slab, gravel... You have the choice in the type of ballast you will use in your planter in relation to the weight that is necessary for the proper fixing of your pergola.

Why call in a professional to install your pergola?

An experienced professional has the latest technical knowledge to install a pergola efficiently and safely. They have the expertise to assess the specific conditions of your indoor and outdoor space. And to take the right measures throughout the installation process.

Hiring a Biossun approved partner means you can benefit from a guarantee on the installation of your aluminium pergola. If you have any problems or faults within a specified time, they'll take action to resolve them. They're also your first port of call if you need your outdoor shelter serviced.

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