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Biossun pergola models

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Four models of pergolas for your terrace

Biossun offers four different models of bioclimatic pergola for your terrace. Each model has its own unique features and accessory options. Find out more about each Biossun pergola in this index.

The BIO 120 pergola: your new space of freedom

The BIO 120 pergola is ideal for creating a play area, a siesta area or even a convivial place to dine on your terrace, whatever the season. For maximum comfort, this model lets you control the ventilation and sunlight from your pergola.
As a made-to-measure pergola, it can be adapted to suit your needs, thanks to a range of features such as LED strips and awnings. Recessed sockets can also be fitted to the posts of the aluminium structure. Tablets, computers, smartphones - enjoy all your connected devices under your bioclimatic shelter.

Pergola Irigny vue de côté

The BIO 230 pergola: the starting point for unique moments

Choose the ambience you'd like to bring to your pergola with the BIO 230 model, featuring different lighting effects... chic or subdued atmosphere, the ball is in your court!
Modular up to 7 m wide, the Bio 230 pergola covers an area of 31.5 m². Set against the wall of the house or as an island by the pool, it's ideal for entertaining friends and family.

Pergola Caluire de jour

The BIO ONE pergola: Playing with light and shade

Thanks to a unique patented process, each slat can be adjusted to the nearest degree, independently or in groups of several slats. In addition to this unique feature, the adjustable slats have an integrated weather station. They close automatically in rain, open in strong winds and provide natural ventilation in hot weather.
Available in 350 structural colours + 50 architectural colours. Integrated LED fascia and spotlights. Pergola connected using the Biomotion application on Smartphone or tablet.

Biossun bioclimatic pergola with zone-adjustable slats

The E-Motion pergola: playing with shadows and entering a new dimension

The slats of the E-Motion pergola can be adjusted and retracted. Over 87% opening to the sky when the slats are fully retracted. Integrated LED fascia and spotlights. Available in 350 structural colours + 50 architectural colours. Connect your pergola using the Biomotion application on your smartphone or tablet. The motorised roof can also be controlled by remote control.
Sliding glass panels can be fitted to the E-Motion pergola, giving you a panoramic view of the outside. They also provide protection from the rain and wind.

Realisation E-Motion retractable slatted pergola with Biossun swimming pool

Our retractable pergola model

Our Bio PM fabric pergola combines the elegance of an awning with the reliability of an aluminium structure. With a tilt angle of up to 45°, this aluminium pergola protects you from the sun and bad weather all year round.
With the Bio PM pergola, you can personalise your terrace with canvases in a variety of colours, creating a unique style. Equipped with a rain sensor option, this pergola with fabric retracts automatically in the event of heavy rain.
Our pergola also has extra features for a living space that's made to measure, modern and stylish. Our LED lighting, integrated into the guide rails and under the box, extends your summer evenings. And the installation of our valance on the façade ensures your privacy.