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What are the advantages of an aluminium bioclimatic pergola?

A strong, durable structure

Aluminium shelters are popular with both private individuals and professionals. They offer many advantages over wooden or steel pergolas. Aluminium is a noble material that is particularly well suited to outdoor use. It's ideal for protecting the terrace of your home or business.
An aluminium pergola can withstand adverse weather conditions without deteriorating. It is highly resistant to the elements, and is not affected by rain, wind or UV rays. It is also not subject to corrosion and can remain in place for a very long time without requiring a lot of maintenance.
A lean-to or freestanding pergola is the best way to make your terrace stylish and durable. As well as being infinitely recyclable, aluminium gives your shelter remarkable longevity. Aluminium also adds a touch of elegance to your garden. Modern or classic, aluminium goes with every style of house.

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An easy-to-maintain shelter

Installed on a terrace or in a garden, an aluminium pergola does not require regular maintenance. Unlike a wooden model, it does not need to be treated against damp or repainted. Aluminium is naturally resistant to water and external attack.
When you install your pergola, our partners will give you advice on how to clean it effectively. Maintenance in line with our recommendations will ensure that your bioclimatic terrace lasts as long as possible. It also helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the aluminium structure and roof.
A simple wash with soapy water twice a year is all it takes to restore the shine to your lean-to or freestanding pergola. To protect it, use a mild cleaner and avoid abrasive or acidic products.
To avoid damaging the colour of your aluminium pergola, a high-pressure cleaner is not recommended. Simply use a hose to rinse the pergola, then wipe it dry for a perfect result.

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Optimum climate control

Aluminium bioclimatic pergolas have a roof with adjustable slats, usually motorised. This type of roof lets you manage the amount of light and shade you want. By adjusting the slats, you can enjoy the sun or create a shaded area.
Adjustable slats provide a living space that can be used all year round, whatever the weather. Closed, they provide an effective barrier against the sun and keep out the heat. When open, they let in a maximum amount of light and warm the atmosphere when it's cooler.
With this terrace roof, you can also control air circulation under the pergola. Depending on the orientation of the slats, you can ventilate your garden room or outdoor dining area to a greater or lesser extent. So you can enjoy optimum climate comfort all year round.

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A wide range of accessories available

Aluminium pergolas can be fitted with equipment. Adding accessories provides maximum comfort and makes the outdoor space more user-friendly. The advantage is that you can add them even to an already-installed enclosure.
Discover the options offered by Biossun to enhance your made-to-measure pergola. In particular, you can choose LED lighting. With spotlights or strip lights, you can spend pleasant evenings with your guests. For a more festive atmosphere, install audio systems so you can listen to music directly under your bioclimatic design pergola.
Side awnings can be added to preserve your privacy while letting in light. They're also great for providing extra protection from the elements. With integrated heaters, you can even enjoy your design in cool weather.
Rain sensors and anemometers protect your garden from the vagaries of the weather. The former closes the slats in the event of rain and the latter opens them as soon as the gusts reach 50km/h. This prevents any damage to your new pergola.
Do you have a terrace pergola project in mind? Request a quote online! Our advisers will answer all your questions to ensure that your exterior is just right for you.

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