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What are the advantages of an aluminium pergola?

What are the advantages of an aluminium pergola?

What's the point of a pergola?

A pergola is a garden element designed to protect you from the sun and bad weather. But it doesn't just provide shade and coolness on your terrace. Are you wondering what a pergola is good for? Discover all the advantages of a pergola and its functions.
Protection from heat
This is the main advantage of a pergola: it protects you from the heat of the sun. This type of structure is more resistant than a gazebo or a simple parasol. A pergola shades a large area and does not need to be moved. It is the ideal place to enjoy your garden while being protected from the scorching rays of the sun.

It creates a special space between the house and the garden

When lying down, the pergola creates a practical resting space between the house and the garden. It can even be said to create an attractive and unique outdoor space. A bioclimatic pergola installed as an extension of the façade of your house allows you to go from indoors to outdoors without fear of bad weather. You don't have to fear rain or heat, because you don't have to expose yourself for a moment to enter your pergola.

Make the most of your terrace by ensuring comfort and well-being.

No matter how well equipped a terrace is, it's not really comfortable in the blazing sun.It's good to have a shady spot even if you enjoy the sun. But that's not all: bioclimatic pergolas offer excellent ventilation under the structure. So they are the perfect solution to make the outdoor area of your home more pleasant.You can eat, relax or even take a bath under your pergola, protected from the heat.

Use your terrace almost all year round

Unfortunately, the weather sometimes prevents us from using our terrace as often as we would like. Thanks to your pergola, you can eat, drink a coffee and relax on your terrace whatever the weather. The structure, equipped with adjustable slats, protects you from all weather conditions and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space at any time of the year, both in summer and winter.A sun sail can be a good idea to protect you from wind, cold and sun at all times.

Protect your garden furniture

Rain, frost and wind can damage your garden furniture. The sun's rays can also attack certain materials such as synthetic resin fabric, PVC and wood. Place your garden furniture under the pergola to effectively protect it from the elements.

Enjoy natural air conditioning

Ventilation is optimal under a bioclimatic pergola.
Breezes flow between the adjustable slats that redistribute the air under the pergola, making it cooler than anywhere else in your garden, even in the shade.

Bring coolness into your home

Pergolas placed back to back bring shade and coolness into your house. Attached to the façade, they protect the adjoining room from the sun's rays. Free-standing pergolas (with 4 posts fixed to the ground) placed near your house can also bring coolness to your rooms.

What are the advantages of an aluminium pergola?
Choosing the right aluminium pergola

Aluminium pergolas are suitable for all profiles. If you're a private individual, you'll be able to create a welcoming and attractive outdoor space for entertaining family and friends. For professionals, it's an opportunity to enhance a reception area to satisfy customers.
The benefits of an aluminium pergola can be seen in both cases. Year-round comfort thanks to adjustable slats and bioclimatic architecture. You'll have the opportunity to add real value to your exterior.

Aluminium pergola: customisation through accessories

To make sure your aluminium pergola looks like no other, you can opt for accessories. These will enhance the comfort, decoration and everyday use of your bioclimatic pergola. Take the Zipsun automated awnings, for example, which lower vertically.
The recessed lighting will create a special atmosphere, while the sliding glazing will allow you to enjoy the terrace for longer. The aluminium pergola will transform your space forever. You can contact our team to receive detailed documentation and also to draw up a quotation and implement your project. Biossun is here to help you, whatever your project and whatever your desires. Our aim is to provide you with a pergola that suits your needs and tastes.
Would you like to start building a pergola on your terrace? Request a quote online or contact our advisors for answers to your questions. Made from aluminium, a durable, hard-wearing and customisable material, our pergolas add character to your exterior and make your garden more comfortable. Discover all our products (pergolas with slats or canvas roofs), as well as our practical advice on how to choose, use and maintain your bioclimatic pergola:
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