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How much does it cost to build a pergola? - Biossun

How much does it cost to build a pergola?

The budget for building a pergola varies according to a number of factors. Are you having trouble estimating the cost of your outdoor landscaping project? Wondering how much you'll need to build a pergola on the terrace of your home? What budget is needed to install a pergola? Find out more about the factors that influence prices.

How much does a pergola cost?

The cost of a pergola depends on many factors. These include

  • Materials used.

  • Type of pergola.

  • Type of installation.

  • Quality of materials.

  • Pergola brand.

  • Pergola range.

  • Project dimensions.

  • Structure options and specifications.

  • Installation specifications (included in the pergola construction price given above).

You'll need to ask for quotes based on your specific project to find out the price of your future pergola.

What criteria influence the budget for building a pergola?

There are many criteria that can influence the budget for building a pergola. We'll take a look at them to help you budget your work.


Biossun pergolas are made of aluminum. This is currently the best material on the market for pergola construction. It's durable, strong, lightweight and maintenance-free. PVC, steel or wood pergolas are less expensive than aluminum, but have more drawbacks. Wooden pergolas require regular maintenance, PVC pergolas can warp or yellow over time, and steel pergolas are susceptible to rust and warping.

Type of pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas are the most expensive type of pergola, but they offer many advantages. They're practical to use and offer great thermal comfort. These structures provide optimum ventilation under the pergola and protection from the elements all year round. Single pergolas are also less expensive than double pergolas (the roof is divided into two independently controlled sections).

Type of installation

Façade-mounted pergolas require more extensive masonry work than free-standing pergolas. As a result, the budget for this type of construction is generally higher.

Quality of materials

A good-quality pergola costs more than an entry-level model. That's normal: they're much more practical, comfortable to use, solid and durable. So the price of your future shelter shouldn't be the main factor guiding your choice.

Pergola size

For the same quality and options, the biggest pergolas are the most expensive. You'll spend less money if you plan to have a small pergola rather than a large structure installed in your garden. The size of your project has a direct impact on the cost of your work.

Structure options

LED lighting, electrical outlets, blinds, sliding glass, heating or ventilation systems... all options will increase the cost of your future pergola. However, some of them are essential if you want to spend a lot of time under your outdoor shelter.

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The price of a Biossun pergola varies according to your project. It depends on the model of aluminum pergola you choose, the surface area to be covered, the features you want, the options and dimensions of your structure, its type... Discover our catalog of top-of-the-range freestanding and lean-to pergolas. >Would you like a precise price quote? Contact us for a detailed quote. Durable and customizable, our high quality pergolas fit any budget.