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What does "bioclimatic pergola" mean?

What does "bioclimatic pergola" mean?

A bioclimatic pergola is an outdoor structure that uses bioclimatic techniques to create a comfortable space by exploiting natural elements such as light, shade, ventilation and thermal regulation. It offers light and shade control, temperature regulation and protection from the elements, while allowing aesthetic customisation.

The term "bioclimatic" refers to the use of natural elements such as sun, air and water to regulate the climate inside the pergola, creating a comfortable, energy-efficient environment.
In addition to its bioclimatic features, a bioclimatic pergola can be customised to suit individual aesthetic preferences and needs. It can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminium, wood or PVC, offering a variety of styles and finishes.

As well as adjustable slats, bioclimatic pergolas can also be equipped with other features to optimise their efficiency. These can include solar sensors to automatically adjust the angle of the slats according to the intensity of the sun, rain sensors to close the slats in the event of rainfall, rainwater collection systems, etc.

Since 2009, Biossun's expertise in aluminium pergolas has been based on the principle of bioclimatic architecture, enabling us to find the perfect balance between sun and shade.