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What to choose between a pergola and an aluminium veranda?

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Do you have an extension project in mind and can't decide between an aluminum veranda and a pergola? These two installations have a lot in common. They both extend your home by creating a new living space.

But they also have a few differences. And today, the pergola has established itself as an economical, flexible and durable alternative to the veranda. As a specialist in custom bioclimatic solutions, Biossun can help you choose your future pergola.

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What is a bioclimatic pergola?

Our pergolas are designed to create an open, sheltered outdoor living space. They feature a horizontal roof supported by aluminum posts.

There are several types of bioclimatic pergolas. Attached to a facade, the lean-to pergola is generally used to cover a terrace or balcony. The freestanding pergola is often used to create a relaxation area in a garden or around a swimming pool.

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What is an aluminum veranda?

Today's verandas are designed as home extensions. With good thermal insulation, it becomes a new room accessible all year round. It can be used as a dining room, office or living room to extend your living space.

The aluminum veranda acts as a transition between the inside and outside of your home. Often featuring bay windows, they bring in plenty of light and offer an unobstructed view of your garden. It adds real value to your property by adding a touch of modernity.

Why choose a pergola over an aluminum veranda?

More economical outdoor living

Generally speaking, building a veranda is more costly because it requires more work and materials. Our aluminum pergolas are lighter structures that are easy to install. They're ideal if you're looking for an affordable way to extend your home and enjoy the outdoors.
Less expensive than a veranda, a pergola also offers thermal benefits. Thanks to adjustable slats, the roof provides better insulation for your home. In winter, you benefit from natural warmth and light. In summer, you can keep cool by protecting yourself from the sun's rays.
A modern, aesthetic living space
With its openwork structure, the pergola creates a light, airy atmosphere. Its openings let natural light flood your living space. Unlike an enclosed veranda, a pergola gives you the feeling of being totally outdoors, while providing shelter from the sun, wind and rain.
What's more, a pergola with awning or motorized slats adapts to any architectural style. The aluminum frame goes perfectly with contemporary homes, and gives a designer look to more traditional dwellings. Integrated into your terrace or balcony, it adds real cachet to your property.

A shelter to suit all your needs

More flexible than a veranda, a pergola offers a wide range of uses. It can be used to cover an outdoor dining area, a roof terrace or a gardening area. It can also be arranged as an island to create a carport or a wellness area around a swimming pool.
The pergola is also the ideal solution for professionals looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. A true extension of your building, it enlarges the surface area dedicated to welcoming customers. The open structure allows them to take full advantage of the outdoors without fear of heat or bad weather.
A living space open to your environment
Unlike a veranda, a pergola is a completely open outdoor shelter. It guarantees your thermal comfort thanks to pleasant natural ventilation during the summer months. Your terrace is constantly aired, helping to regulate the temperature on hot days.
Thanks to the slat closing system, you can sit under your pergola whatever the weather. Depending on your mood, you can turn the motorized slats from shady to sunny in a matter of seconds. With maximum opening, you can even admire the stars when the sky is clear.

An easy-to-maintain structure

A pergola is easier to clean than a veranda. Your Biossun aluminum joinery requires very little maintenance. Simply rinse with clean water twice a year. To guarantee the quality of the materials, solvents and detergents should be avoided.
Compared to an aluminum pergola, a veranda requires more regular cleaning. In addition to the frames, you'll need to maintain the glazing to keep in the right amount of light. Washing takes longer if you've chosen a glass roof. To avoid infiltration problems, it's also advisable to check the gutters frequently.

Simplified procedures for installing a pergola

If you're planning a pergola, you should know that regulations are more flexible than for an aluminum veranda. Planning permission is required only if the dimensions exceed 20m². Below this threshold and up to 5m², only a preliminary building declaration is required.
We'll be with you every step of the way, from pergola installation to site handover. All Biossun products have the guaranteed French origin label and are made of aluminum. We use this raw material to create top-of-the-range pergolas that stand the test of time.

Our custom bioclimatic solutions

Discover the Biossun range

We offer pergolas to suit every style. To harmonize perfectly with your property, our different models are available in 350 colors. Biossun lets you customize the color of both the structure and the slats. You can also choose the orientation of the slats, either parallel or perpendicular to the adjoining wall.
Numerous options are available for our bioclimatic solutions. Enhance your pergola with LED lighting for a brighter ambience, or a valance for more privacy. And don't hesitate to modulate your surface area with the addition of a Zipsun awning or glazing integrated into the structure.

Our French and eco-responsible pergolas

At Biossun, the quality of our custom aluminum pergolas is paramount. That's why we manufacture them in our factory near Grenoble in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. As a result, they all carry the "origine France garantie" label. Reliable, durable and functional, our pergolas are the focus of our expertise in bioclimatic solutions.
To design our products, we use primary aluminum. In addition to being a good thermal conductor, this exceptional material is also 100% recyclable. With aluminum joinery, our pergolas are weather-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Unique, personalized support

A pergola is the ideal alternative for outdoor living. It has the advantage of being stronger than an arbour and more flexible than a veranda. If you'd like to install one in your home, put your trust in Biossun. Your bioclimatic pergola manufacturer will be with you every step of the way.
Our advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our equipment or guarantees. They'll help you choose your pergola according to your budget and your desires. Our partners will then assemble the structure and all selected accessories.