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Which type of pergola for which climate? - Biossun

Which type of pergola for which climate? - Biossun

Choosing a pergola is no easy task. There are many different types of pergolas and structures to choose from. Are you wondering which pergola to choose, depending on the climate? Biossun takes a look at the most appropriate types of pergola for your specific climate.

What type of pergola for a hot climate?

Choosing a lean-to bioclimatic pergola can be a wise choice if you live in a very hot region. These pergolas, attached to the facade of your house, not only provide shade on the terrace, but also bring shade inside the house. Your pergola can prevent the sun from beating down too hard on your bay windows, and bring coolness into your home (which can help you gain in comfort and save energy). You can also choose a freestanding pergola. This type of pergola can be very useful if you want to create a shady corner in a garden that's very exposed to the sun, and protect yourself from the heat. For example, you can install your pergola over a spa, swimming pool or dining area. Some pergola models can close on the sides. Don't hesitate to opt for this type of solution if you need effective protection from the sun.

What type of pergola for a rainy region?

Bioclimatic pergolas with retractable slats are ideal for regions where the weather is not very nice. This type of slat can close on contact with rain. We recommend you choose an aluminum pergola: resistant, strong and lightweight, these pergolas won't oxidize, even in the face of frequent and heavy rain. This type of pergola requires minimal maintenance.

What type of pergola for a temperate climate?

You can also choose a pergola with a canvas roof, an ideal compromise between a pergola with adjustable slats and an arbour. This type of pergola provides permanent shade under the structure, depending on the position of the sun. It's ideal for temperate regions with little wind. We offer a motorized model that can be tilted to suit your needs. This type of pergola is very practical and easy to handle.
Now you know which type of pergola to choose for which climate.
As you can see, pergolas adapt to all weather conditions, so you can enjoy your outdoors whatever the weather. Choose a system made from a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing material like aluminum to get the most out of your terrace. Each type of pergola has its advantages and disadvantages. Observe not only the type of pergola, but also the different designs, the roof configuration and the surface area of the structure, to make sure you don't go wrong.