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Why choose a pergola as a patio roof?

A modern design aesthetic

On a terrace or in a garden, a pergola has undeniable decorative potential. Attached to the front of your house, a lean-to pergola is an extension of your interior. It's a good idea to choose a shelter that matches the style of the adjoining room.
Free-standing, the pergola creates an island of wellbeing in the middle of the garden or beside a swimming pool. With its streamlined look, it adds a touch of modernity to your exterior. Its light, airy structure is perfect for sheltering a jacuzzi or sun lounger.
Whether you choose an aluminium, wood or wrought iron enclosure, all are ideal for creating a stylish terrace. An aluminium pergola seduces with its sobriety and elegance, while a wrought iron model adds a more romantic, vintage feel.
Installing a wooden pergola will create a cosy atmosphere. A real charmer, this natural material can be combined with a green roof to create a terrace of unrivalled softness.

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Modular sun protection

Choosing a pergola as a terrace roof lets you dress up your exterior and protect it from the elements. Different types of roof are available to protect your surface from the sun, rain and wind. But not all of them offer the same climate control.
A roll-up or retractable awning can be fully unfolded to create a shaded area that's pleasant to live in when it's hot. When retracted, your terrace is bathed in light and warms up under the effect of the sun.
A roof made up of wooden beams spaced at intervals provides partial shade from the sun, while delimiting variable areas of shade. The addition of climbing plants enhances solar protection but reduces light levels.
A designer bioclimatic pergola is a more flexible solution. Thanks to the aluminium roof, you have control over the amount of light you want. By tilting the slats, you can enjoy full or partial sunlight in an instant.

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A shelter open to the outside

A pergola can cover large and small areas of any size. It is particularly popular for protecting a south-facing terrace. It is an effective shading system that protects against heat and UV rays.
Unlike an enclosed veranda, the openwork structure of a pergola lets the air circulate. Its side openings provide excellent ventilation. So you can use your garden furniture even in hot weather, enjoying a gentle breeze.
A bioclimatic model provides better temperature regulation. By opening the slats slightly, you encourage natural ventilation and cool your living space. The air flow evacuates heat through the sides and also through the roof.
With a bioclimatic terrace pergola, you can enjoy your outdoor living space with peace of mind, while being neither too hot nor too cold. You have total control over the sunshine and temperature under your shelter and in the adjoining room.

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A flexible, customisable structure

With a terrace pergola, there are different degrees of customisation possible. You can choose the colour of your aluminium pergola. Biossun offers 350 colours to enhance your bioclimatic terrace.
When you request a quotation, you can add a number of accessories to your new pergola. You can install sliding glass walls to close off your surface. Another option is to fit a side awning. You'll enjoy a space protected from the setting sun and prying eyes, while still getting maximum light.
Delivered in kit or custom-built, a bioclimatic aluminium pergola can also be fitted with audio systems, heating and LED lighting. Thanks to this equipment, you gain in comfort while making your pergola unique.
Rain and wind sensors are useful for protecting your shelter from damage. They automatically close or open the slats when necessary, so you don't have to worry about the vagaries of the weather.

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