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Why choose a canvas pergola?

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The pergola is an innovative design solution that enhances your exterior. In canvas, with parallel or perpendicular slats, there are numerous models available today. Among them, the canvas pergola brings you comfort and light. Roll-up or retractable, which fabric is best suited to my needs? What fabrics should I choose? Is it strong and resistant enough? Biossun answers all your questions and presents its Bio PM pergola with retractable canvas.

What is a canvas pergola?

What's a pergola for?

A pergola is a fixed structure that stays in place regardless of the season or weather. Supported by vertical posts, its roof protects you from the elements, but also from the sun's rays. It's ideal for covering a terrace, garden furniture or relaxation area.
A perfect blend of arbour and veranda, the pergola offers an additional living space that's totally open to the outdoors. It allows you to spend quality time outdoors all year round. Bioclimatic or canvas, they fit perfectly into any style of home.

What is a canvas pergola?

There are several options for covering a pergola. Biossun offers two types of roof: motorized slats and retractable canvas. All our models are available in a standard range. And if the dimensions don't suit you, we'll make your aluminum pergola to measure. Contact us for more information and a free quotation.
Our bioclimatic pergolas are equipped with adjustable slats. Their motorization allows you to open and close the slats remotely. With a single click, you can angle them to play with the light or shelter from the rain.
The Bio PM model is equipped with a fabric that unfolds or retracts as you wish. Available in a range of colors, this retractable pergola with integrated motor provides optimum protection against the vagaries of the weather.

What configuration should I choose for my canvas pergola?

Depending on your project, you can choose between different types of pergolas. Do you want a shelter in line with your house? Choose a wall-mounted pergola. Leaning against your facade, it extends the adjoining room and adds to your property.

If you want a freestanding structure, choose a freestanding pergola. This model can be installed anywhere in the garden, creating a space separate from the rest of the house. It's particularly well-suited to a solarium around a swimming pool.

What are the advantages of a canvas pergola?

The canvas pergola is the result of a fusion between the awning and the aluminum pergola. Whether set against a wall or installed as an island, it lets you enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. It creates a unique living space with an innovative design.

When extended, the canvas creates a shaded area by filtering sunlight. It protects you from heat and UV rays. You can also retract the canvas to create an unobstructed view of the sky and let light into your home.

A retractable pergola also protects you from the elements. Before choosing your fabric, make sure it's waterproof and won't let rain through. You should also opt for a top-quality, sturdy material. Your fabric must have excellent wind resistance to prevent tearing.

What are the differences between retractable and roll-up pergolas?

For a pergola on a roof terrace or balcony, you generally have a choice between roll-up and retractable fabric. In both cases, it's important to invest in quality fabrics. Both acrylic and polyester ensure that your pergola will stand the test of time.

After use, a roll-up cover can be stored in a protective box. This makes it completely invisible and protects it from damage caused by the elements. The fabric can be rolled up either manually or using a motorized drive.

The fabric of a retractable pergola slides along the guide rails using a manual or motorized system. When retracted, it folds completely to make way for maximum light. Its packaging is then visible, compared to a roll-up cover. Stretched, the retractable fabric provides ideal shade on hot summer days.

What materials should you choose for a canvas pergola?

Biossun can help you choose your retractable pergola by advising you on the different materials available. As far as the frame is concerned, there are several possibilities. We recommend aluminum for its many qualities. Easy to maintain, aluminum makes your pergola light and resistant to the elements.

When it comes to roll-up or retractable canvas, acrylic and polyester are the most widely used fabrics. Both offer advantages and disadvantages.

Acrylic fabric: it provides effective UV protection and is one of the strongest fabrics available. Waterproof and difficult to tear, it is resistant to rain and wind. What's more, an acrylic awning is less likely to fade in the sun.

Polyester fabric: this model is prized for its anti-UV properties and thermal insulation. Although water-repellent, polyester fabric is not waterproof. Its colors are also more likely to fade over time.
Both types of roll-up and retractable fabric are available in a wide range of colors. They can be adapted to any design, and are fully customizable to suit your tastes.

Discover the Biossun retractable pergola

Features of the Bio PM pergola

Biossun's Bio PM pergola is the ideal solution for making the most of your garden or terrace. Its aluminum structure is covered by a fully retractable technical fabric. Made from acrylic or polyester, it can be tilted up to 45° for optimum solar protection.
With a width of 6.5m and an overhang of up to 4.5m, the Bio PM pergola can cover any surface up to 60m2. Depending on your needs, it can even be made to measure. Elegant and modern, our sliding covers are available in a wide range of colors.

Accessories for the Bio PM pergola

The Bio PM pergola is equipped with a motorization system. Using a remote control, you can remotely operate the cover. The rain sensor option can also be used to automatically retract the pergola in inclement weather.
Other features include LED lighting. Installed under the trunk and guide rails, they create a warm atmosphere for evenings out with friends. And for added privacy, discover our PVC-coated fiberglass side awning.

Bio PM pergola installation

Before installing your pergola, Biossun carries out a technical study of your project. We take all the necessary measurements and analyze the constraints of the site. We then help you design and customize your pergola. Once the estimate has been approved, we install it, with a 10-year warranty.
As a forerunner in French bioclimatic solutions, Biossun puts all its expertise at your service. Our partners carry out quality work and ensure that everything is perfect, right down to the finishing touches. Whether you're an individual or a professional, trust Biossun for your future bioclimatic or canvas pergola.