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Why install a lean-to bioclimatic pergola?

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The features of a lean-to pergola

You can choose between two configurations for your new pergola. Made up of four posts, a freestanding shelter does not need to be attached to a facade. This freestanding structure can be installed wherever you like. In a garden or beside a swimming pool, it creates a friendly, welcoming island.
A lean-to pergola, on the other hand, needs to be fixed to the wall, giving it excellent stability and solidity. Its roof rests on your home and is extended by two load-bearing pillars. It is ideal as a roof for a terrace, patio or any other surface adjacent to your home or business.
Depending on the size of your outdoor space, a custom-made pergola may be required. Unlike a standard model, you can choose its height and width. Equipment such as LED lighting and rain and wind sensors can even be added when the pergola is installed.

The advantages of a lean-to bioclimatic pergola

Optimum thermal comfort

There are various solutions for protecting your terrace. Unlike other types of roof, aluminium slats offer better thermal regulation. They allow you to control the temperature under the garden shed and in the adjoining room.
By opening them fully or slightly, you can let in the sun's rays to warm up your bioclimatic terrace. In winter, opening the slats allows your interior to be bathed in light and benefit from the sun's warmth.
By closing them, you create a shaded area that's pleasant to live in at the height of summer. Closing the slats keeps you cool while protecting you from UV rays. It also insulates your home better in hot weather.
The openwork structure of an aluminium awning provides natural ventilation. Air can circulate freely around the sides, but also through the top when the slats are half-open. So your garden remains comfortable even when the sun is strong.

Protection from the elements

Enjoy your garden furniture all year round with a bioclimatic aluminium pergola. More than just sun protection, it shelters your area from the rain. Its watertight slats allow water to drain away quickly.
With a lean-to pergola, you can create a living space that can be used in sunny or rainy weather. A slatted roof is an effective bulwark against the vagaries of the weather. It protects your outdoor furniture, so you don't have to keep putting it away.
The terrace pergolas offered by Biossun have an aluminium structure and a roof with adjustable slats. They are fully motorised and can be controlled remotely using a remote control. So you have total control over the amount of light or shade you can bring in.
The protective effect of the lean-to pergola can be enhanced by the addition of glass walls and side awnings. This equipment closes off your space for a moment without obstructing your view of the outside world.

A modern design

A lean-to pergola is ideal for creating a designer terrace with simple, clean lines. Its sober, minimalist architecture adds a touch of modernity to your exterior. Opting for elegant garden furniture will accentuate the contemporary look.
Bioclimatic pergolas come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. So you can match your structure to the aesthetics of your home. Choose a colour that matches your façade and surroundings.
To achieve the look you want, you can choose from different materials such as wood, steel or pvc. When it comes to models with adjustable slats, aluminium is often preferred for its many advantages.
This high-quality material combines robustness, strength and lightness. It's easy to maintain and gives your pergola a long life. Aluminium can be adapted to suit any style, and enhances every type of home.
Do you have a pergola project for your terrace or garden? Discover our bioclimatic design pergolas and get your free quote!

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