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Why integrate a pergola when building your terrace?

Why integrate a pergola when building your terrace?

The bioclimatic pergola, a real solar protection for your terrace

You are about to start building your terrace to take full advantage of the beautiful weather. Thinking about adding a pergola when building a terrace will allow you to take even greater advantage of the future extension of your house. Why should you do this? Biossun, the terrace pergola specialist, explains.

Good weather and sunshine are very pleasant. Suffocating heat and sunburn are less so. By considering a bioclimatic pergola when building a terrace, you can ensure that this pleasant and convivial space is optimally protected from the sun.
In addition, the natural air conditioning system of Biossun pergolas will regulate the temperature inside your bioclimatic terrace.

With a bioclimatic pergola, enjoy your terrace for longer

Building a terrace often means imagining future moments to be spent under the sun with family or friends. But why limit and subject these unique moments to the simple whims of the weather and the seasons? By choosing to install a terrace pergola, you will be able to enjoy this space fully and for longer, covered when necessary.

Create a design terrace with a bioclimatic pergola

Integrating a shelter into your terrace does not mean taking away its charm. On the contrary! If the pergola shines by its primary virtues, climatic protection and thermal regulation, it also serves to make a design and contemporary terrace.