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The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola optimises the use of the terrace and encourages guests to stay longer at the table.

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"For our team, the installation of bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats represents a revolution in the way we approach the design of our outdoor spaces. Not only does it mark the end of unnecessary preparation and last-minute installation, it also opens the way to a new, much more sophisticated experience of our environment. Bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats offer unrivalled versatility. They allow us to instantly modulate the outdoor environment according to need, whether to create shade on sunny days, to let in natural light on cool mornings, or to protect against unexpected rain. This adaptability means that every outdoor space becomes a space that can be used all the time, without constraint or tedious preparation. They bring a new dimension to our activities. We can plan outdoor events without worrying about the vagaries of the weather, and our customers can make the most of our outdoor space whatever the season. The sleek, modern aesthetic of the pergolas blends harmoniously with our existing environment, creating an elegant and functional setting."
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The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola

"The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola invites you to express your creativity, offering you a canvas to customise to design an exceptional outdoor space that lives up to your aspirations. Its maximum span of 7 metres pushes back the boundaries of the conventional, transforming your terrace into a unique space, covering up to 31.5 square metres in a single-bay configuration. Think of it as a place where you can bring your most imaginative ideas to life, from the most intimate relaxation area to the most spacious reception area. In this way, the Bio 230 becomes a natural extension of your home, evolving according to your needs and desires. Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating the perfect ambience for each of your social moments, and Bio 230 excels in this area. Its lighting system is meticulously designed for your well-being, with perfectly integrated spotlights and/or LED strips. This means you can modulate the lighting to suit your mood, whether you're enjoying a lively evening with friends, a romantic dinner for two, or simply creating a soothing atmosphere when you're relaxing on your own. Bio 230 transforms your terrace into a versatile space where every moment is enhanced by the magic of light."
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