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The Bio 120 bioclimatic pergolas, installed around the swimming pool of this luxury hotel, create a harmony between nature and well-being.

The Biossun experience

The art of creating an exceptional place lies in the attention to detail, and at Biossun we know that every element counts. That's why we joined forces with the Hotel du Muze, in Saint-Tropez, to design a bespoke project, perfectly adapted to the requirements of our most demanding customers. The result? A veritable metamorphosis that redefines the charm and elegance of this renowned establishment. The installation blends in perfectly with the prestigious surroundings of the Hotel du Muze, adding a sophisticated touch of modernity to the Mediterranean atmosphere. The clean lines of the pergola complement the existing architecture of the hotel while creating a subtle and elegant contrast, making the pergola an essential design element. But it's not just a question of aesthetics. The Biossun bioclimatic pergola adds an essential functional dimension to the hotel's outdoor space. Guests can now enjoy a place of well-being alongside the swimming pool, where every detail has been designed to help them forget the weather. The adjustable slats of the pergola regulate natural light and heat, creating a comfortable shaded area where guests can relax, cool off and enjoy the pleasures of summer. The return on investment from this transformation is not limited to aesthetics, but is also reflected in the guest experience. The Hotel du Muze has become a place of choice for those seeking luxury and relaxation, offering a unique experience. The Biossun bioclimatic pergola adds inestimable value to the hotel's offering, making it a dream location for travellers looking for a getaway in sunny Saint-Tropez.
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The Bio 120 bioclimatic pergola

The Bio 120 bioclimatic pergola is a real revolution for your outdoor space. One of the outstanding features of the Bio 120 is its modularity, offering an impressive span of up to 5.50 metres. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for creating an intimate space in the heart of your garden, or for installing it in front of your house, giving it style and personality. Imagine a corner of paradise where you can relax, entertain or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, whatever the size of your project. With a choice of 350 colours for the structure and slats, you can create a pergola that perfectly matches your personal style and the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Whether you prefer discreet, elegant tones or bold, vivid colours, the Bio 120 offers an infinite range of options to suit your preferences. Lighting is an essential part of the ambience of your outdoor space, and the Bio 120 takes this into account. It's equipped with integrated LED lighting, so you can choose the right lighting ambience for any occasion. Whether it's a romantic evening in the soft glow or a lively party under festive lighting, the Bio 120 adapts to your needs and creates a magical atmosphere at every moment.
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