Imagine a gentle interlude

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Invitation to travel and to let go, even in our outdoor spaces. A bubble of well-being and dreams in perfect harmony with our environment and nature.

The Biossun experience

"At Biossun, every detail counts to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, and this extends to every area of our establishment. We are proud to be working in partnership with Biossun Hospitality, who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet our every expectation, devising a bespoke project that we would never have been able to realise without their unrivalled know-how and expertise. Biossun bioclimatic pergolas are distinguished by their trapezoidal design, a feature that blends perfectly with the architecture of our building. They are not just functional structures, but artistic elements that extend the well-being and comfort we strive to offer our customers every day. When our customers step inside Biossun pergolas, they discover a harmonious space where architectural elegance meets functionality. It's a place where they can relax in total tranquillity, enjoy the beauty of the adjustable slats that create an ever-changing play of light, and savour the incomparable comfort of this bioclimatic environment. This new dimension added to our establishment transforms their experience into something exceptional. Biossun Hospitality has transcended the simple utility of pergolas to elevate them to the status of works of art that complement and enhance our building. The partnership with Biossun has opened up new horizons for our establishment, creating a habitat where well-being, design and comfort come together to offer our guests an unforgettable experience."
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The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola

"The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola opens up to you like a blank page, allowing you to bring to life an exceptional outdoor space, perfectly suited to your dreams. With a maximum span of 7 metres, this pergola pushes back the boundaries of conventional design, transforming your terrace into a unique space covering up to 31.5 square metres in a single bay configuration. Imagine the vast expanse of this space, where you can realise your most imaginative ideas, whether for an intimate relaxation area or a spacious reception area. Bio 230 merges harmoniously with your home, adapting to your changing needs and desires. Lighting plays an essential role in creating the perfect ambience for your convivial moments, and the Bio 230 excels in this area. Its lighting system is carefully designed for your comfort, seamlessly integrating spotlights and/or LED strips. So you can personalise the lighting atmosphere to suit your preferences, whether it's for lively evenings with friends, romantic dinners for two, or simply to create a soothing atmosphere when relaxing alone. The Bio 230 transforms your terrace into a versatile space where every moment is enhanced by the magic of light."
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